Custom individual overwrapping

Personalized individual overwrap for muslin sachet, customized printing according to your digital file.

French tea company specializing in the manufacture of muslin sachets. We specialize in bagging tea bags, infusions or herbal mixtures.
Our products comply with ecological standards, our workshop is certified ecocert which allows us to affix this label on our products if necessary.
We only manufacture over-or over-woven muslin sachets, which we can also insert into boxes supplied by our customers on which we can put all the necessary indications. You will be able to offer your customers muslin sachets entirely to your brand, hand-stitched tags connecting the muslin bag included!

Minimum quantity: 40 000 sachets and 5000 sachets per reference.

Logo ecocert - certification
Logo ecocert – certification


Made in France



Made by hands

Better and superior taste

Better esthetic and Premium look


Any enquiry you need , according your expectation and needs do not hesitate to ask us a question or an offer , we will be very happy to answer your request.

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