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You are in the high end segment and want to develop your brand and highlight your business , you have a hotel or a hotel chain, a coffee shop or coffee shop chain, a restaurant or restaurant chain , a tea house, a convenient store, a take away, a catering business, les ADM can help you.

Les ADM, with it’s expertise helps you to boost your business, to develop your brand and keep a position in the Premium high end market.
On the top of this because our workshop is organic certify, we can propose you a range of organic teas and herbs teas. Our tea bags, with or without tags, are sewed by hand,, are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly product.

Your own brand

  • DEVELOP YOUR OWN BRAND: do not promote others brand, offer tea or herbs teas bags with your own brand tags to your customers
  • YOUR OWN PRIVATE BRAND from 5 000 pieces only per reference
  • MUSLIN COTTON BAG , propose tea and herbs teas to your customer in muslin cotton bags
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The muslin bags specialist !

Les ADM are specialised in the creation and production of premium blending teas and herb teas packed in muslin bags.

You deserve the excellence !

If you target the excellence with your teas, herbs teas and are in the Premium end market or want to be, you should adopt and go for the muslin tea bag, the only packing that Premium tea serves.

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